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Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans

Individual & Family health insurance plans similar to those offered through employers are available for people who do not have or would like to maintain or expand their present coverage. Major medical coverage is the most comprehensive type of individual health insurance plan available.
Resources:  What is an HMO?  What is a PPO?  How does a POS plan work? 


Student Health Insurance Plans  

Student Health Insurance Plans provide the coverage students need. Major medical is the ideal is type of comprehensive coverage; but, limited indemnity or mini medicals plans are also viable alternative for this market as a supplement to existing coverage or as a stand-alone policy. At VitalOne we can put you in contact with a licensed insurance agent who can guide you through a selection of student health care plans.

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An Alternative to Health Insurance Plans

Guarantee acceptance programs are designed for individuals who are unable to obtain healthcare coverage through traditional forms of health insurance because of cost or existing medical conditions.
VitalOne offers Guarantee Acceptance Programs also known as Mini Medical Plans A mini medical is a health plan that provides limited medical benefits up to a fixed dollar amount with a designated number of occurrences allowed.

  Life Insurance & Accidental Death & Dismemberment AD&D

Life Insurance As the health insurance debate rages some consumers may be wondering about another type of insurance. These individuals, including you, may be wondering What is life insurance?
Accidental Death Insurance You've heard about health insurance, and you've probably heard about life insurance. However, more people today are asking: What is accidental death insurance?

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